You only get one back, how well are you looking after yours?
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About mark
Mark embarked on his career in Alton, Hampshire, in 1993 completing an I.T.E.C (International Therapy Education Council) diploma in anatomy, physiology and massage. With this he gained a place in 5 star ski resort hotel in Val Thorens, France. After the winter season he then continued his travelling visiting Spain then Australia, New Zealand, Bali and Thailand.

Settling back at home in 1996 he furthered his development with an I.T.E.C Diploma in Sports Therapy at Highbury College Portsmouth. In 1998 he started a 4-year study in Sports therapies and manipulative procedures with the SMAE Institute in Berkshire. He qualified in September 2002. With his qualifications and full insurance Mark set up his 1st treatment room in Gosport opening his 2nd in Sarisbury Green in 2006.

Mark is married to Keeley and they have 2 children, Olivia and William.
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Mark uses a combination of massage and stretching techniques to balance the muscle and skeletal systems. This aids for better blood flow giving all your muscles the oxygenated blood required to promote and maintain a healthy and balanced body. Left unattended, your body is more susceptible to illness and/or aches and pains. A more balanced body enjoys work, rest and play more naturally without ensuring any unnecessary dull aches or acute pain.

Before your initial treatment Mark will ask you to fill in a consultation form. From this, he will discuss the probable cause of your complaint using available muscular and skeletal charts to demonstrate the best course of treatment.

During and after the session he will show and give you hints and tips on how you can help yourself by introducing particular stretches into your normal day to day routine.

At the end of the treatment Mark will ask you to contact him in a few days to ascertain whether a further session is then needed.

Maintenance Massage
Mark fixes a lot of complaints from ankles to the neck, but since 1993 he has encouraged people to really think about BACK CARE. This can be achieved through regular back, neck and shoulder massage. What is regular? Well, on average most of Marks regular patients visit between every 4-8 weeks.

“After a couple of treatments people actually start to get to know their backs and listen to the signs. Then they tell me I should have come last week or can I move from 4 to 5 weeks because I’m feeling much more confident. ”

Mark is called a sports therapist, however, he feels that can confuse people because some feel they do not take part in any sports so they are not eligible. People in their day to day jobs and modern lives put their bodies through more stresses and strains than in most sporting activities.

The majority of the people Mark treats are office workers, builders, drivers, NHS staff, retired people, service men/women etc. Age is no limit – Mark treats patients from children to senior citizens.

During our lifetime we get two sets of teeth that we brush daily and only use them to chew our food on limited occasions during the day. Consider this - if we had no teeth we could still smile pain free. Spare a thought for your back working 24/7 and only getting attention when it breaks down.

Please note:
"if a appointment needs to be cancelled a reasonable period of time is required or a fee may be charged."

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